*Notice to all UK Companies with Business Interruption Insurance*


*Notice to all UK Companies with Business Interruption Insurance*
Following the latest Supreme Court Judgement, businesses that have cover for Businesses Interruption Insurance with 60 companies are due a payout. We have the list of over 700 policies that fall under this category, just visit https://www.bi-claims.co.uk/policy-checker and fill out our form for a free policy check and instant advice.
Dont worry if your claim has already been rejected, our expert legal team is challenging insurers on behalf of our clients. We have thousands of businesses using our NO WIN, NO FEE service.
On average, we achieve a 40% higher payout for our clients than if they were to deal with the claim by themselves. We apologize if this email is unexpected, but it is vital to check your policy as you could be due a huge payout. Thousands of businesses have been affected by Covid-19, and we believe in doing the right thing by giving businesses that have been affected a good fighting chance during these difficult times.
Stay safe,
Kind regards,
BI Claims
0333 344 8966

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