Business Owners Left Furious With Insurance Companies


‘Business owners left furious as insurers find loopholes to avoid paying out for Business Interruption Insurance’
Firms that have Business Interruption Insurance with 60+ companies are due a payout. We have the list of over 700 policies that fall under this category, just visit and fill out our form for a free policy check and instant advice.
Why use a 3rd Party?
Insurance companies are finding loopholes to avoid paying out companies that are covered for Business Interruption.
Claims are a lot more complex, so it is not as straight forward as requesting a claim – this will most likely lead to the claim being rejected.
We have a full team of legal experts that will fight for you and challenge insurance companies, with the highest success rate – BI Claims offer the best possible chance to receive a payout.
Not only this, but our team will go over all the areas within your insurance policy and identify payout areas that your insurance company is not telling you about – meaning that we will maximize your claim value by 30-40%.
Visit and fill out our form for a free policy check or for instant advice, call us on 0333 344 8966

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